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The local government has a population ofbased on population census.

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In their oral tradition, Owo traces its origins back to the ancient city of Ile-Ifethe cradle of Yoruba culture. The early art-historical and archaeological records reinforce these strong affiliations with Ife culture. The skill of Owo's ivory carvers was also appreciated at the court of Benin. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Benin's rulers increasingly utilized insignia made from ivory, and imported Owo's art objects and recruited its artisans for their own royal workshops.

Owo came under British rule in After Nigeria declared independence init was part of the Western Region until when it became part of the Western State. Owo and its indigenes played significant roles in the politics of the first Republic in Nigeria. Init became part of the newly created Ondo State. Owo has the largest palace Aghofen in Africa which was declared a national monument by the federal government. The Olowo Palace had as many as courtyards Ugha.

Each courtyard had a specific function and was dedicated to a particular deity.

oriki of owo town in ondo state

The largest, said to have been twice the size of an American football field, was used for public assemblies and festivals. Some courtyards were paved with quartz pebbles or broken pottery.

Pillars supporting the veranda roofs were carved with statues of the king mounted on a horse or shown with his senior wife. The present-day city is an agricultural center involved in the growing and trade of yamscassavamaizeokrapepperscocoaand cotton. There are, however, other meaningful commercial activities in the town, including but not limited to: timber and sawmillingSoya bean processing plants and blockmaking industries. The city is now witnessing a dramatic change due to expansion of its road network, particularly dualization of the main road beginning from Emure junction up to Iyere exit.

A new ultra-modern market is now open in Owo. Owo is situated in south-western Nigeria, at the southern edge of the Yoruba Hills, and at the intersection of roads from AkureKabbaBenin Cityand Siluko.

Owo is situated halfway between the towns of Ile Ife and Benin City. The Owo site was first excavated in — by Ekpo Eyo under the auspices of the Department of Antiquities of the Government of Nigeria. Due to Owo's location between the two famous art centers of Ife and Benin, the site reflects both artistic traditions. Important discoveries include terracotta sculptures dating from the 15th century.

ondo oriki

The Owo Museumfounded inhouses many of these artifacts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Owo, Nigeria. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 11 October For the emoticon, see List of emoticons. Retrieved 13 December Yoruba topics. Western Nigeria Nigeria. Ondo State. Largest cities in Nigeria. Namespaces Article Talk.I sincerelybthank the administrator of this page for such an enlightening information on Ondo.

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The comments need to be deleted. This is awesomely composed write-up and very enlightening, as the last information about the history of Ondo is the correct and current in time line. Post a Comment. September 03, The Ondo people are ancient forest-hunters, artistic brass-makers and agriculturalist unique Yoruboid-speaking people that forms a sub-group of the larger Yoruba ethnic group of West Africa, particularly in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.

In the Southern part, the land, which borders on the creek area of Ilaje-Eseodo is low-lying but rises gradually towards the North.

Ondo is about kilometers northeast of Lagos. It is situated in a forest region of Nigeria. However, the history of the origin of Ondo kingdom has been very controversial, as there are three different versions that purport to explain the origin of the people.

The controversy is due to the fact that there were no written documents at that period. Thus, diverse accounts were given about her origin. Consequent upon the above, much of what is known about the period was legendary. Currently three leading schools of thought about Ondo origin is known. A first tradition, celebrated to this day claims that Ondo was founded by a wife of Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba who had migrated from Mesopotamia Persia to Ile-Ife.

Oduduwa's wife, Pupupu, gave birth to twins, which were regarded as unlucky and resulted in her exile with her twins. She moved southward until she came to the current location of Ondo City. Ondo men in their traditional yoruba dress with neck scarf awe Pupupu became the first ruler of the Ondo Kingdom in the 15th century and her descendants wear the crown today.

The celebrated Yoruba Historian and clergyman Samuel Johnson in his renowned work: "The History of the Yoruba" published inaccounts a similar story but he averred that Pupupu was the wife of Ajaka, the grandson of Oduduwa. According to Johnson "The custom of killing twins prevailed all over the country in early times; it has died out all over the greater part of it so long ago, that no one can say precisely when or by whom a stop was put to it.

But it happened once upon a time when the practice still prevailed that one of the wives of the Alafin King Ajaka gave birth to twins, and the King was loth to destroy them, he thereupon gave orders that they should be removed — with the mother — to a remote part of the kingdom and there to remain and be regarded as dead. Circa Probably it was from this time infanticide received its death blow — in Yoruba Proper at least.

It is said to linger still at Akure and the adjacent regions, but as a rule, in ancient times, whatever the custom set or discountenanced at the Metropohs, the effect thereof was rapidly felt all over the country. The Ondos are sometimes classed among the Ekitis but that is hardly correct ; although lying at the border of the Ekitis, they are really a mixture of Qyos and Idokos, and their sympathy is with all.

In the second version recorded by renowned Bini Edo historian Egharevba; he traced the origin of the Ondo people to Benin kingdom. He later committed suicide after an unsuccessful attempt to escape. The rest of his people were banished from Benin City.

Iyase Osemwugbe, a loyalist to Aruaran decided to avenge the death of his master and the humiliation meted on Udo troops by the Benin troops. He launched an attack on Benin Kingdom but he was unsuccessful. A few of them managed to escape to the western side of Benin.

The Udo troops were pursued until they surrendered. Osemwugbe surrendered and pleaded for mercy.Types of oriki: Apeja Ogun State section is the larger of the two.

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If you don't see any interesting for you, use our search form below: Find.It originally included the present Ekiti Statewhich was split off in Akure is the state capital. Each Nigerian state has several ministerial offices representing the federal government. The state contains eighteen local government areasthe major ones being AkokoAkureOkitipupaOndoIlaje and Owo. The majority of the state's citizens live in urban centers.

ondo oriki

Ondo State consists of 18 local government areasthey are:. Akeredolu Oluwarotimi Odunayo Is the current sitting governor of Ondo state [7]. Ijaw peoplesuch as the ApoiFurupagha and Arogbo populations, inhabit the coastal areas, and a sizeable number of the Ondo State people who speak a variant of the Yoruba language similar to the Ife dialect reside in Oke-Igbo. Media related to Ondo State at Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. State of Nigeria. State in Nigeria. Sunshine State. See also: List of villages in Ondo State. Archived from the original on Retrieved Canback Dangel.

Pemium Times Nigeria. Retrieved June 19, Google book. Ethnologue 22 ed. Governors of Ondo State. States of Nigeria. Federal Capital Territory. Nigeria portal. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Short description matches Wikidata Coordinates on Wikidata Commons category link from Wikidata Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Location of Ondo State in Nigeria.According to the Yoruba historian Samuel Johnsonthe oriki is an attributive descriptive, one that expresses what a child is or what he or she is hoped to become.

If a male, it is always expressive of something heroic, brave or strong. If a female, it is a term of endearment or of praise. In either case, the Reverend Johnson said that it was intended to have a stimulating effect on its bearer. It is invoked to praise a child for bringing pride to the parents or to attempt to evoke virtuous character traits of bravery, fortitude and perseverance that are believed to be innate in a person by pedigree.

Ondo State

It is not always clear what was pre-eminent in the mind of the person who named a child with the shorter praise name. When Ojo is not home, the chick grows to become a hen, if he was at home, he would have made soup of it".

Birthday chant oriki Akure

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ondo oriki

Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.Oriki is an important and cultural, but unwritten oral genre of Yoruba literature that is usually used in praise singing. The Yoruba people have very rich cultural oral literature, oriki is on of them. For instance, it tells of the nobility, the origin, the fame, profession, accomplishments, beliefs, eating habits, discipline, to mention a few about its owner.

It is important for an Orisa devotee to learn the Praise Name of that Orisa.

The Apossa, those who learn how to invoke the spirits, is trained in the art of chanting Orikis for the deities. At the weekly service of Ojo Ose the priest and priestess first pay homage to Olodumare and the ancestors.

ondo oriki

Then they chant the Orikis for the Orisas and petition the deities for things they desire with the hope of having thier prays answered. This reflects in the tradition of oriki. In addition, there are special drummers Onilu and the chanters Akigbe and Akun Mungba that are professionally trained to recite the Oriki idile of kings, the chiefs, and their relatives at ceremonies.

Although, oriki is a much threaten culture of the Yoruba, it is not worthy that this trend can be saved by a timely record keeping and codification of the literature and culture using the modern Information Technology resources.

Such names start with A. Power of Oriki. Oriki is a kind of Yoruba literary genre used to inspire people. It is usually in the form of poetry, consisting of songs of praise. Oriki can also take the name form as well.

One must learn, memorize, and be able to chant the oriki of individuals and families. Yoruba Language and culture is quite enduring and deep, evidence by the fact that close to two hundred years after slavery the culture and language survives in some parts of the Americas.

In a lady came from Brazil performed the Sango ritual ceremony almost exactly to the letter as is still being practised in Western Nigeria till today. Susan Wenger a Caucasian Austrian came to study Yoruba Traditional religion and mythology for her dissertation more than 50 years ago and ended up never returning to Austria but became the high priestess of the Osun Diety in Osogbo after many years of understudy at the shrine of the diety.

Each child at birth is given a prefix Oriki in additional to his names which like the Spanish could be several names. This prefix is then added to the established immediate family Oriki followed by the extended family narrative which is then to the town Oriki narrative. Related Articles. Visitor Counter: 12, Previous Yoruba People Towns and Cities.More success stories All success stories Hide success stories Related Articles Home About wikiHow Jobs Terms of Use RSS Site map Log In Mobile view All text shared under a Creative Commons License.

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